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Saturday 10:26 a.m.David Bulmer

Hello and welcome,

The idea for this site came to me somewhere over the North Atlantic on route from London to Dallas. It was just at that mid point section where the ATC channels go very quiet and my mind had begun to wander…

Those that know me will be aware of my interest in all new technology products and in particular software and hardware solutions to be found on the Web.

I was thinking how easy it is to get ‘analysis paralysis’ when looking for stuff on the net. All the work is in sorting through hundreds of potential products to get to the best two or three to finally choose from.

Then WHAM! it hit me! – No not another plane, but the thought that what was needed was someone to trawl through those hundreds of products and only to present me (or you) with the very best of the bunch – and that someone was my very own Team!

Well, long story short, you have arrived at that site. Here you will find a compendium of guides to popular products to be found on the Web, including software, hardware and information products.

For each of the featured products, you will find a full review of the top three in their class, side by side comparison charts and our own recommendations. Although I have to admit the latter may show a slight bias towards my personal tastes, I am sure you will not be disappointed with whichever of the three you finally choose for your own purposes.

So there you have it, from idea to fruition. I hope you will find the saving in time alone to be worthwhile, but more importantly that the benefits to be had from the products featured here will will quickly show themselves in your resultant improved profits.


David Bulmer


P.S. For those that don’t yet know me, here’s a very quick Bio:

David Bulmer:

An international traveller, whose main abode is wherever he happens to be at any one time.

Main interests are business, travel, technology and all things to do with the internet.

Check out his personal blog at http://davidbulmer.com and follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/davidbulmer101.

P.P.S. I nearly forgot! I guess you would like to know what products we have currently reviewed for you? Then take a look at these:

As of  now, our compendium of guides to popular products on the web includes:

We  add to these regularly, so please keep checking back.